About MaileKai Creates

MaileKai Creates is an extended family enterprise that specializes in melting or slumping upcycled glass bottles of all shapes and sizes. By heating and molding them into fun and useful shapes, we create artistic and useful upcycled items. Accent colors are added to create products that will match your favorite colors.
Most of our bottles are recycled items, scavenged from recycle bins and various drink and eatery establishments in and around our beautiful Bend, Oregon. In addition, we have many contributions from our faithful customers who save their unique bottles just for us. Our thanks to all our suppliers--whether they know they are a supplier or not!

There are many uses for our upcycled slumped bottles, and they make awesome gifts for someone who appreciates unique, affordable, and useful artwork. A practical use for the dished-out slump is as a spoon holder next to the stove. Other uses for them include dishes to hold chips or dip, crackers, olives, nuts, candy, or even toothpicks!

They can also be used to hold business cards, loose change, jewelry, makeup, keys, or other small household items. The flat ones make great spatula holders next to the stove as well. More elegant uses for the flat slumps are as cheese trays, hors d'oeuvre trays, and candle holders. Let your imagination go wild, as there are countless uses for these lovely upcycled products. To retain a clear shine, we recommend hand wash and no microwave.

If you have questions or would like more information, please contact info@mailekaicreates.com