Welcome to the MaileKai Creations website!

Welcome to our new site! We are so excited to launch our new online presence, and we hope you all enjoy browsing through the dozens of unique Slumped bottles we have created.

A special thanks to all the people who have contributed bottles to our "cause," and please, keep up the good work. ;)

This includes all the folks on our recycle-day-bottle-run, and bar-run, here in Bend, along with friends and customers who constantly collect interesting bottles for us, and who now scratch their heads and wonder, like we do: "What will this look like slumped?" In particular, thanks to Goodlife Beer and Crater Lake Bendistillery, both in Bend, OR, and Stone Brewery in San Diego, CA. We truly appreciate your donations of all your cool bottles. We try to return the goodwill by telling people where they can find one of your bottles "filled" with their drink of choice.

We will soon have our Events Calendar published, with all of our Market events for 2015 listed, but until then, (and after), feel free to shop away on our new site. We welcome suggestions and special orders, so please email us with any comments or requests.

Elise Clark
Elise Clark


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